Walk-in Refrigeration Solutions:

We offer full service on all of your walk-in refrigeration needs – from Service to Sales.

We are here help out from Spec to Install.

Options include Drop in Walk-in pre-fab boxes with packages that include their condensing unit and evaporator coil, to self-construct panels that can be placed with fitted condensing units.

We also supply Reach in Refrigerated Swing Display Doors.

Raimac is a 1 stop shop, with multiple options. Often we have used panels available as well.

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The Raimac Team can Help ensure you put the Right Refrigerated Equipment into place:

The following questions are a minimum to give someone a basic idea how to size the refrigeration equipment for a walk in box. This information is important to ensure that the equipment is “right” for the job – not too much – and not too little – just right – so the equipment does not work too hard and stands the test of time (knowing the following information will ensure that you will not run into problems down the road):

1) Size of the Box

2) Voltage Available: 1 or 3 Phase

3) Type of Insulation (Styrene, Polyurethane, other)

4) Thickness of Panels – Insulation

5) Size of Doors

6) Number of Doors

7) Glass Doors (Swing Display Doors) – Size and Number

8) Heavy or Light Use – Is the box in a restaurant with heavy use during service? Or is a box used for holding previously chilled goods?

9) Desired Box Temp (35 F for Cooler or -10F for Freezer are Standard

10) Ambient Temp – Of the area outside the box and Where the condensing unit will be 95 F is standard, or hottest day of the year.

11) Incoming Product – e.g. Misc Goods from a Food Supplier, Beverages, Produce, etc…

12) Incoming Product Temp.

13) Amount (weight) of incoming product – How often is the box loaded? (Every 24hr, etc.)

14) Desired Pull-Down Time – How quick do you want the product down to box temp?

15) Air Cooled or Water Cooled?

16) Other Details: Are there people working in the box for more than a few hours day, how many people, are there powered forklifts, any equipment (band saws, grinders, anything with a motor, etc.), fresh air considerations, glass windows, dock door, height restrictions

Raimac – Our educated Team are here to help you spec the Right equipment for your Refrigeration Needs.
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