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Ventless Hoods and Fryers

Ventless_HoodVentless Hoods and Fryers offer a Great solution to any business that are finding the traditional approach to be too costly or difficult.

There are many barriers to getting a Traditional Venting system installed, one being that it is expensive, and prices many businesses right out of the market because of all of the installation costs and “red-tape” that go along with it.

Without a Kitchen exhaust system a business is out of business before it begins. The Kitchen exhaust system prices many businesses right out of their plans or dreams just due to the price.

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The solutions is the Ventless hood.


With the built in Fire suppression system these ventless hood systems are state of the art.

We are happy to work with you to make sure that you get the system you need, and that we are by your side throughout the process to answer any questions that you may have.

Ventless Hood Fryers:

Giles-GEF-400VH-Electric-Ventless-Hood-FryerWe also offer a wide selection of Ventless Hood Fryers. These fryers are state of the art multi-programmable machines that make it virtually impossible to not produce a fantastic quality product.

These units come with built in Oil Filtration Systems.

They’re plug and play. Plug it into the wall and you are in the fried food business.

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