Rental and Lease Calculator

We can offer you full financing options on both Refurbished and New Restaurant equipment. From the two programs offered you can consider Leasing or even Renting.

Rent-Try-Buy – Without the Fixed Term Lease with SilverChef

Try our Rental program for any or our Food store, restaurant or catering equipment. Both New and Re-furbished restaurant equipment.

We are the leading refurbished food equipment dealer in the industry. Offering in-house service – we can even paint your refrigerated cases to your choosing, with any colour swatch that you provide.

Benefits of our Equipment Rental program:

Rent to buy, or just try

You can rent a piece of restaurant equipment on a 12 month period. The cost of this rental counts as an operating expense and can be written off as such.

After the 12 months is complete, simply return the item.

If you decide that you would like to purchase this piece, then 60% of your rental cost will go towards this purchase.

  • Continue to rent and we will simply continue to reduce your purchase price.

Another perk is that you can choose to upgrade this piece of restaurant equipment at any time, if your business seems to have outgrown it – we will grow with you. Leaving you with the Operating capital to make you r business grow.

Here are some of the Main points in reviewing this option:

1. Retain use of working capital
2. Reduce business risk and asset risk to 12 months
3. 100% tax deductible and payments are through your operational budget
4. Option to “Upgrade” the equipment at any time
5. Option to “Purchase” at any time with a 60% rental rebate
6. Option to “Return” the equipment after 12 months if no longer required
7. All our contracts are itemised and each option is available per asset funded
8. All contracts can be assigned to another business at any time and the original bonds held are transferred back to you once the assignment contracts are settled.
9. Approvals are for a Master Agreement amount that acts as an off balance sheet credit facility for future equipment requirements in the next 12 months without any additional application or establishment fees.
10. Easy Own –> At 12 months you can reduce the rental by 30% over 36 months and ownership at the end of the term.


A combi Oven is a piece of restaurant equipment that can greatly improve a businsesses bottom line, add to their product offering and vastly improve the consistency of their offerings.

The price of a Combi oven often is the sole barrier of entry for a business, in making the decision to move forward – even though they know it’s a slam dunk for their business.

Hand it back, Upgrade, or buy it outright.

If you choose to continue to rent – we’ll simply continue to reduce your purchase price.