Silesia CG-2 Smooth Panini Grill

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– The Velox High Speed Constant Contact Grill takes approximately 8 minutes to reach cooking temperature from cold and it’s specially designed heating elements and cast aluminum cooking plates give extremely efficient heat distribution to ensure EVEN and SAFE COOKING.

– Thermostatic controls minimize energy consumption

– The Velox High Speed Constant Contact Grill plate edges prevent excessive spillage

– The adjustable feet while keeping the grill level, will allow excess grease to drain into a separate, easily removable grease tray with a high splash guard

Short cooking times, intense heat and direct contact from upper and lower cooking plates create a searing effect that locks in the natural juices, improving both taste and quality. Due to this cooking concept, meat shrinkage is greatly reduced and high nutritional value is retained

The special hinges allow lateral and vertical movement of the lightweight upper grill plates, thereby allowing them to self-adjust to the product being cooked

– Dimensions: 830w x 530d x 530h mm (height when open)

– Cooking Surface: 340 x 220 mm x 2

– Power: 2 x 230 volt