Server PPO-5 85140 Portion Pack Organizer

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– Keep your counter top clean and convenient with a five-bin organizer. The PPO-5 has five compartments or bins of equal size with four removable dividers to allow for larger bins of one product.

– This organizer is top loading and channels portion packs to the front automatically replenishing supply.

– Constructed of stainless steel and black ABS plastic, our organizers have a smart, contemporary design. The stainless steel has a brushed finish to reduce the visibility of fingerprints.

– Contemporary design with rounded corners

– Stainless steel shroud has a brushed finish to reduce visibility of fingerprints

– 5 bins to organize several items in one compact unit

– 4 removable dividers to customize bin size

The PPO-5 can hold 125 9g portion packs in a single divided section, loosely filled. For mustard, 5g packets, it holds 180