John Boos Frames & Table Tops

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Here are the different size frames that are available:

frames-tops-1Model – Description – Weight

SBO-S01 48X30 FRAME ONLY 33.7
SBO-S02 48X36 FRAME ONLY 36.8
SBO-S03 60X30 FRAME ONLY 36.3
SBO-S04 60X36 FRAME ONLY 38.4
SBO-S05 72X30 FRAME ONLY 41.3
SBO-S06 72X36 FRAME ONLY 43.8
SBO-S08 84X30 FRAME ONLY 46.3
SBO-S09 84X36 FRAME ONLY 49.3
SBO-S10 84X48 FRAME ONLY 55.4
SBO-S11 84X60 FRAME ONLY 61.5
SBO-S12 96X30 FRAME ONLY 223
SBO-S13 96X36 FRAME ONLY 246
SBO-S14 96X48 FRAME ONLY 263
SBO-S15 96X60 FRAME ONLY 281
SBO-S17 120X30 FRAME ONLY 260
SBO-S18 120X36 FRAME ONLY 289
SBO-S19 120X48 FRAME ONLY 309
SBO-S20 120X60 FRAME ONLY 331
SBO-S22 144X30 FRAME ONLY 287
SBO-S23 144X36 FRAME ONLY 313
SBO-S24 144X48 FRAME ONLY 335
SBO-S25 144X60 FRAME ONLY 357
SBO-S27 168X30 FRAME ONLY 300
SBO-S28 168X36 FRAME ONLY 326
SBO-S29 168X48 FRAME ONLY 348
SBO-S30 168X60 FRAME ONLY 370

Here are the sizes of Maple Tops that are available

frames-tops-2Model – Description – Weight

BKSC01O MPL BKSC 72X36X2-1/4 OIL 179
BKSC02O MPL BKSC 84X36X2-1/4 OIL 208
BKSC03O MPL BKSC 96X36X2-1/4 OIL 238
BKSC04O MPL BKSC 108X36X2-1/4 OIL 268
BKSC05O MPL BKSC 120X36X2-1/4 OIL 297
BKSC07O MPL BKSC 144X36X2-1/4 OIL 357
BKSC09O MPL BKSC 168X36X2-1/4 OIL 416
BKSC23O MPL BKSC 72X48X2-1/4 OIL 243
BKSC24O MPL BKSC 84X48X2-1/4 OIL 284
BKSC25O MPL BKSC 96X48X2-1/4 OIL 324
BKSC26O MPL BKSC 108X48X2-1/4 OIL 365
BKSC27O MPL BKSC 120X48X2-1/4 OIL 405
BKSC29O MPL BKSC 144X48X2-1/4 OIL 486
BKSC31O MPL BKSC 168X48X2-1/4 OIL 567
BKSC35O MPL BKSC 84X60X2-1/4 OIL 355
BKSC36O MPL BKSC 96X60X2-1/4 OIL 405
BKSC37O MPL BKSC 108X60X2-1/4 OIL 456
BKSC38O MPL BKSC 120X60X2-1/4 OIL 507
BKSC40O MPL BKSC 144X60X2-1/4 OIL 608
BKSC42O MPL BKSC 168X60X2-1/4 OIL 709
BKSC48O MPL BKSC 48X36X2-1/4 OIL 119
BKSC49O MPL BKSC 60X36X2-1/4 OIL 149
BKSC76O MPL BKSC 48X30X2-1/4 OIL 99
BKSC77O MPL BKSC 60X30X2-1/4 OIL 124
BKSC78O MPL BKSC 72X30X2-1/4 OIL 149
BKSC79O MPL BKSC 84X30X2-1/4 OIL 174
BKSC80O MPL BKSC 96X30X2-1/4 OIL 198
BKSC81O MPL BKSC 108X30X2-1/4 OIL 223
BKSC82O MPL BKSC 120X30X2-1/4 OIL 248
BKSC84O MPL BKSC 144X30X2-1/4 OIL 297
BKSC86O MPL BKSC 168X30X2-1/4 OIL 347