Giles GEF-400VH Electric Ventless Hood Fryer

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– The Giles GEF-400-VH Ventless Hood Fry Kettle cooks 40 pieces of crisp, moist fried chicken quickly and easily. To deliver maximum profits with minimum effort and expense, the GEF-400-VH utilizes low pressure frying with delicious results.

– The Giles Ventless Hood Fry Kettle is the most advanced frying cooker available today. Now you can deep fry in areas that traditional hoods cannot accommodate, and maximize profits with minimum effort and expense

The Giles Ventless Hood incorporates our patented Electrostatic Air Cleaner and patent pending Ultra Violet light that provides vapor removal requirements for the fryer. Also the Giles Ventless Hood uses an Ansul R-102-A fire suppression system

Cabinet, Fry Vat, and Fry Basket: 20Ga to 16Ga Stainless Steel
Heating Element: Incoloy Tubular Sheath
Door Swing: Reversible

Width: 24-1/4” [616 mm]
Depth: 41-13/16” [1062 mm]
Height: 84” [2133 mm]
Fry Vat: 15-7/8”diameter X 12-3/4”depth [403 mm X 324 mm]
Fry Basket: 12-3/8” diameter X 10-1/4” depth [314 mm X 260 mm]

Cooking Computer:
8 Menu Items
Range: 190°F – 350°F [88°C – 177°C]
High Limit Thermostat: 425°F [220°C]

Shortening Capacity: 45 lbs. [21 kg]
Production Capacity: 14 lbs. [6kg] chicken (40 pieces)

Ventless Hood:
Exhaust CFM: 510 – 680
Approx. Decibel Level: 65

Electrical Specifications:
Available Voltages: 208/220/240/380/415V 10,400 WATTS
3 phase – 208/220/240V – 30/26/26 AMPS
1 phase – 208/240V – 50/44 AMPS
3 phase – 380/415V – 15/15 AMPS
(No service cord provided)