Fri Jado Super Turbo Grill Rotisserie

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– With its unique combination of infrared radiation, convection and perfect insulation, the STG cooks 25% faster than conventional rotisseries. Better yet, its designed for low energy consumption. That means you save time and money

– A striking, large display section, combined with sleek modern lines and powerful quartz lamps will maximize your products visual appeal to customers

– The STG has 7 spit or basket positions.

– Up to 15 programs can be activated to increase your menu selection. Try ribs, roast, turkey, fish or even baked potatoes.

– With three cook stages per program and a range of accessories, you can cook, bake and roast virtually anything: just pick your program, push start and watch the results.

– To load or unload racks or spits, simply press the rotor positioning button and the rotor spins into place.

– Cleaning has never been easier. The STGs interior and exterior are stainless steel. Its magnetic double glass doors open with a gentle click and the spits and rotor are quickly disassembled and easy to clean.

– Removable parts, like drip plates, rotor and accessories are coated with the Fri-Jado XP 450 non-stick easy-to-clean coating. By this, your operators have the STG 7 clean in no time!

– Easy to use holding function to serve your products right out of the rotisserie.

– Stacked controls for the best possible ergonomic control

– Combined convection and infrared radiation make the STG cook up to 20% faster than conventional models

– Touch-safe insulated door protecting operators and customers

– 7 spit, basket or rack positions

– Temperature adjustable between 122° F and 482° F

– Timer adjustable between 0 and 360 minutes