Doyon FC18E Jet Air Conveyor Oven

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– Doyon fast conveyor ovens are your best buy to increase production in less space, bake 30% to 50% faster than traditional ovens, improve product consistency, reduce labor costs, minimize energy costs by 35% to 65%.

–  Predetermine belt speed (time) and temperature, place the food on the moving conveyor belt and remove for perfect results every time.

– With increased production per square foot, Doyon conveyor ovens are not only the strongest of the industry, they are the most attractively priced of their category

– Compact and stackable

– 19 1/2” x 3 3/4” (495 x 95 mm) opening

– Jets of high velocity air “impingment” delivered to food

– Faster consistent cooking than traditional, infrared and convection ovens

– Guaranteed even baking (fully adjustable air flow channels)

– Bake pizzas in 5 to 6 minutes

– Save on labor & energy bills

– Exit shelf 12” (305 mm)

– Adjustable speed and temperature

– Better moisture retention

– Low maintenance and easy cleaning

– Unique reversible belt switch

– Exhaust hood required above unit (gas models only)

– Available electric or gas

– Temperature up to 600ºF (300ºC)