Today, in businesses across America, you’ll find our dependable machines consistently producing delicious treats that are high quality and visually appealing.

The original soft serve is still the best. Since pioneering the first ever soft serve ice cream machine in 1946, we’ve done nothing but improve on our design.

Why do so many businesses choose Electro Freeze machines? Because they’re easy to use, easy to maintain, and even easier to turn into profits.

And every day, we’re expanding that profit potential through a continuing commitment to innovation and industry-leading customer support. We help our customers maximize profits with menu ideas, merchandising materials and enticing point-of-purchase posters. All of our equipment comes with knowledgeable, responsive service and local support from our national network of distributors.

In a nutshell, we offer:

  • Flexibility – over 40 models sized to fit your needs
  • Easy to use and quick to learn
  • Profitability
  • Support
  • User-friendly operation
  • Easy-to-maintain designs
  • Fast clean up
  • Rapid cycle times
  • Superior durability

Now more than ever, you’re free to choose. Add up all Electro Freeze has to offer, and two words come to mind: Sweet Choice!

Electro Freeze

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  • Electro Freeze 15RMT Pressurized Freezer – Refurbished

    $16,900.00 CDN

    This single-flavor, pressurized soft serve freezer consistently produces smooth and creamy ice cream, custard or frozen yogurt. This machine is excellent for high butterfat mixes like low fat and premium ice cream and custard. Perfect for specialty buffets, high-volume restaurants, amusement park kiosks and additional flavors in ice cream stores




    $16,580.01 CDN

    SOFT SERVE FREEZER Genesis Series™ featuring VQM™ Virtual Quality Management System. Offer your guests a smooth creamy consistent yogurt, ice cream, custard or sorbet! The 22” wide footprint available as a counter model allows for more units in a smaller space.

  • 88 TN CMT – 232 Electro Freeze Ice Cream Machine – Refurbished

    $9,995.00$12,900.00 CDN

    The “twin serve,” the 88T-RMT has a three spigot head,
    dispensing two flavors top to bottom in a “twist,” a side-byside split, or either flavor separately. The “twin serve” head
    design allows two operators to dispense product from this
    unit simultaneously

  • CS4 Gravity Compact Counter Electro Freeze

    $9,540.00 CDN

    Gravity-Fed Countertop Single-Flavor Soft Serve Freezer

    This compact, counter-model single flavor soft serve freezer is perfect for cafes, boutique restaurants, coffee shops, sandwich shops, bars and convenience stores.

    • Counter model single flavor soft serve machine.
    • The“Compact Series” is developed exclusively for your counter top, compact enough to sit on your counter, yet big enough to turn up to 80% profits on every serving.
    • Sturdy angle iron frame, stainless steel mix hopper, beater and freezing cylinder.
    • Low mix lights automatically tell operator when mix is needed.
    • Finest insulating material available…no frost, no drip. Easy pull-down handle with self closing spigot.
    • 3/4 H.P. low temp compressor permits fast freeze-down and quick recovery.
    • 2.5 quart, polished stainless steel, foam insulated for maximum efficiency.
  • Electro Freeze Model 876C Slush Machine

    $8,223.00 CDN


    • These machines dispense consistently smooth, non-carbonated frozen slush drinks in 5 or more flavors.
    • At 115 volts, they are air cooled, self contained.
    • They require minimal floor or counter space and generate large volumes of profitable drinks. These machines return profits of 80% or more for each frozen drink.
    • With a fast freeze process, tiny uniform ice crystals are produced, resulting in a super-cold, taste-tingling slush drink
    • Easy to own and simple to operate, no daily cleaning is required.
    • Components are made of heavy-duty stainless steel including the panels, drip tray, freezing cylinder, beater, mix hopper and flavor rack. Bottles and pumps also are made from quality, long-lasting materials.
    • All models use a torque control system to manage product consistency and maintain temperature.
    • Mix level indicator illuminates to inform the operator to add mix.
    • 1/4 H.P. Motor
    • 20 Quart Mix Hopper
    • 14 Quart Freezing Cylinder
    • 15.5 Amps, 115 Volts, 1 Phase

    Please call for pricing
    604 324 1466

    This pressurized, 9 flavor soft serve machine delivers valuable menu flexibility in a small footprint. By fully incorporating the flavor in every bite of soft serve, this freezer produces the highest quality, most consistent and profitable product you can serve. Simply press a button to select flavors! The easy-to-operate features include: easy syrup adjustments, one button flavor selection and no complicated attachments. This machine is perfect for high volume establishments wanting to serve superior-quality, smooth and creamy ice cream, frozen yogurt or gelato. Great for co-branding concepts as well as college cafeterias, buffets and adding additional flavors to any shops.

7 items