Raimac – Main Supplier for: OilChef by Eco Friendly Chef Corp

35% -75% – Oil Cost Savings + up to 15% in Energy Cost Savings Oil Conditioning Device Creating Crispier and Healthier Fried Foods

MRW National Recycling Awards 2014 – Finalist – Efficiency Initiative of the Year – Final 7 Finalist out of 1000’s of Applicanats.
Innovative Product, New Technology, Healthy, Cost Effective, Landfill Diverted. OilChef pays for itself in the first year, and has a 2 year warranty.

Benefits of Oil Chef:

  • Reduces Carbon Impact and Improves Food Taste
  • Reduces oil content of Food
  • Creates a crispier and tastier food that is lower in calories
  • Quicker cooking times
  • Fewer Fryer Oil Changes
  • Lowers cooking temperature – Oil stays at higher quality
  • Stops Flavour Transfers in oil
  • Perfect Food from Dark Oil
  • Non Chemical, non-toxic
  • Easy to install, easy to clean
  • Eco-Friendly, Reduces Waste
  • FDA and NSF approved
  • Businesses can use some of their savings to change to, and promote using, a better quality and Healthier Oil (Marketing Potential).

Brief Description:

OilChef is an innovative patented nanotech device that conditions frying oils. It is designed to enhance the oil’s heat conductivity for faster cooking at a lower temperature, resulting in longer oil usage and better food quality.

It prevents oil from breaking down, resulting in less harmful by-products in the oil.

  • Keeps oil thin
  • Allows for Greater Heat Conductivity (which reduces energy consumption) – allows for cooking at lower temperatures 15 to 40 degrees F with improved efficiency of cooking time
  • Prevents Cross Contamination of Flavours
  • Food is less Oily and Crispier – oil is repelled from the Food during the cooking process – Keeps oil fresher for longer.

Cost Savings Review:

  • Labour Costs in Cleaning the Fryers
  • Waste costs in removing spent oil
  • Energy costs (cooking temperature is lower and gets to temperature quicker)
  • Oil Cost Savings 35% to 75% in Oil cost Savings
  • Produces a Better Quality Product = Customer Retention and Repeat Business

Margaret Taylor – UC Berkeley – Nano Technology Expert – “Do Stuff with Less.” – Nano Technology is the way of the future.

Oil Chef Doubles Cooking oil life using Nano Technology, reduces energy consumption, environmental waste as well as Fat content of deep fried food.


“Using OilChef in our 3 Fryers has reduced our Annual oil costs by 68%, improved Food Quality and Paid for itself in 4 Months.”

Jo-Ann Schiller – Dairy Queen, Alberta – They have also reduced their monthly energy costs by 15%.

Typical OilChef ROI is 300% +