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Hoshizaki KM515M Ice Machine


Hoshizaki-KM515M-Ice-Machine– Up to 498 lbs. of ice production per 24 hours

– Mount two units side-by-side, in only 44″ of floor space, for 1,034 lbs. per 24 hours

– Protected by HOSHIGAURD antimicrobial agent

– Durable stainless steel exterior

– CycleSaver® design

– EverCheck® alert system

– Individual crescent cube

– Stainless steel evaporator

– Exclusive stainless steel evaporator

– Evaporator design freezes water resulting in crystal clear cubes

– No plating to peel or flake off and no plastic to crack with our evaporator

– Dependable, longer life machine, and energy saver

– EverCheck® control board

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