Whether you currently have, or are seeking Ice Cream, Slush and Frozen Cocktail Equipment across BC, Raimac offers both new and refurbished convenience store equipment to serve our community including popular ELECTRO FREEZE models.

Right now is an excellent time for your pre-summer ELECTRO FREEZE equipment purchases. From frozen ice-cream machines to slush machines and more, we provide our customers with a wide selection of equipment including the…

Refurbished Model 88TNCMT – 232 ELECTRO FREEZE Ice Cream Machine – offering ‘twin serve’ three spigot head capabilities, this ice cream machine dispenses two flavors top to bottom in either a twist, a side-by-side split, or either flavor separately.

Refurbished Model 15RMT ELECTRO FREEZE Pressurized Freezer – This single-flavor, pressurized soft serve freezer consistently produces smooth and creamy ice cream, custard or frozen yogurt. This machine is excellent for high butterfat mixes like low fat and premium ice cream and custard. Perfect for specialty buffets, high-volume restaurants, amusement park kiosks and additional flavors in ice cream stores.

New ELECTRO FREEZE Model SLX400c Soft Serve Gravity FreezerSOFT SERVE FREEZER Genesis Series™ featuring VQM™ Virtual Quality Management System. Offer your guests a smooth creamy consistent yogurt, ice cream, custard or sorbet! The 22” wide footprint available as a counter model allows for more units in a smaller space.

Ask us about the new WATER ICE sensation taking over the East Coast – add Water Ice to your product mix and be ahead of the trend by offering your customers this new and exciting treat!  Raimac can supply your establishment with the equipment and products you need to get on the bandwagon and increase your profit margins.

The options are varied, as are the products and price-point based on your needs and budget for both Refurbished and New Restaurant Equipment.

The Importance of Having Your ELECTRO FREEZE Unit Serviced Before Summer

As mentioned in our blog ‘Parts & Service for Changing Times in Your Food Store & Restaurant’: We believe that maintenance is the best way to prevent an emergency, which is why we provide our customers with maintenance (service) contracts.

This ensures we are checking in on your equipment regularly, potentially preventing mishaps before they occur, and keeping your equipment in proper running order throughout the year.

Such preventative maintenance will also extend the life of your equipment, and keep your costs consistent, with less risk of emergency repairs or requiring replacement equipment prematurely.

Based out of Langley BC – Raimac is here to help you with all your ELECTRO FREEZE buying and maintenance needs. We provide our customers with readily available factory trained Service Technicians, as well as a fully stocked parts department to be able to look after your needs on-location or at our full-service shop.

If you are ready to invest in an ELECTRO FREEZE unit and increase the profits within your store, we would be happy to help and look forward to doing so!

Are you seeking ways on ‘How to Save Money on Your Food Store Equipment in BC’? Raimac would love to help you do so, and have a variety of money saving solutions for convenience stores, restaurants and grocers to do exactly that!

Save Money with Refurbished Food Store Equipment

We understand the need for businesses to save on costs during Covid. Which is why our quality used food store equipment is an excellent choice for those seeking added ways to increase their profitability.

Our customers not only make up our immediate Lower Mainland community, but also call on us from across Canada to purchase gently used replacement equipment.

This provides an economical investment that helps store owners, small cafes and restaurants increase their food product sales with minimized cost.

With years of dependable service, our refurbished equipment offers substantial savings. And as one of the largest companies in Canada providing our customers with refurbished equipment – we believe savings and service should go hand-in-hand.

Our Refurbished Equipment Sales in BC include everything you’ll need to outfit your food store storage, grocery store equipment, food prep equipment, bakery cases, and other equipment including…

  • Produce, dairy and meat refrigeration
  • Frozen food storage
  • Reach-in glass door cases
  • Shelving
  • Deli equipment

At Raimac our refurbished equipment comes with a 30-Day Labour and 1 Year Parts Warranty, and our refurbished inventory is constantly changing. Contact Us for further details!

Extending Your Equipment Life Through Preventative Maintenance

Another great way to save money, is by extending the life of your equipment. Which is something our Preventative Maintenance Plan can deliver on with equipment such as:

  • Rational Combi Ovens
  • Alto-Shaam Combi Ovens
  • Cold display cases
  • Hot display cases …and more

We pride ourselves on having factory trained Service Technicians, as well as a fully stocked Parts Department to care for your needs – either at your business location or at our full-service shop.

Whether you are seeking refurbished food store equipment in BC or would like to inquire about our preventative maintenance program, we are here to help you save money in the coming years, while helping you improve the productivity of your business!

Looking for a low-cost way to grow your business in 2021? Our Chester’s Chicken Program is an excellent way to add profitability and diversity to your convenience store or gas station.

Whether you run a high-volume corner store in a busy downtown district, or you have a remote township location you wish to bring more customers into; adding Chester’s Chicken to the menu is a delicious way to invite customers and build your business simultaneously.

Raimac: Chester’s Chicken Program in BC, Alberta and Yukon

Raimac Industries is the exclusive service provider and dealer for Chester’s Chicken in BC, Alberta and Yukon. It is a highly popular product between business owners and their customers alike for over 40 years.

This financially beneficial program offers strong support regardless of your location, as well as a successful track record.

It is an excellent added money-making option for QSR (Quick Serve Restaurant) businesses such as…

  • Convenience Stores
  • Airports or Travel Centers
  • Supermarkets
  • Gas Stations 
  • …and more

With a simple core list of equipment, and less than 600 square feet required – Raimac can have you up and running quickly in 2021. Raimac and Chester’s take care of every detail for you, making this business opportunity one of the easiest to manage!

Chester’s Chicken Turn-key Branded Operations Include:

  • Superior Product Taste
  • Consistency and Quality
  • High Margins
  • Larger Portion Sizes
  • State of the Art Equipment
  • Food Safety Procedures
  • Employee Training
  • Advertising
  • Marketing
  • Signage
  • Décor & Architectural Standards
  • Uniforms
  • Packaging
  • …and much much more!

Chester’s Chicken Product Explained

The Chester’s Chicken Product is a high-quality product, which – as mentioned, has been in business for over 40 years.

It is a popular menu item that appeals to a wide range of customers and creates returning customers too.

We can help you find the right solution – and ease you into a Chicken program – having you up and running and building upon your business in the new year.

Contact us today to learn how you can make Chester’s a key part of your business, discovering why our branded chicken program opportunity is different than traditional fried chicken franchises.

Seize the Opportunity Now! Local:  604-324-1466 Toll Free:  1-888-477-7701 Fax: 604-327-1334 Email: info@raimac.com …we look forward to serving you!

At Raimac, we are the go-to provider for Convenience Store Equipment in the Lower Mainland and across BC. With changing times throughout our province and around the world, we recognize the increased demand for a variety of safety products, added refrigeration, and more – and we are here to help with all your Food Store Equipment, Convenience Store Equipment and Supply needs.

We offer a wide selection of Convenience Store Equipment and Supplies, as well as food programs that can help you increase your bottom line, and bolster business as we all work together to pivot during this time of changing needs.

Our Convenience Store Sales, Service and Equipment in BC Includes:

  • Slush Machines and Mixes
  • Hot Food Display Cases and Programs
  • Ventless Hood Equipment
  • Ovens
  • Display Cases
  • Refrigeration and Display Cases
  • Shelving
  • Walk-In Cooler & Freezer Glass Display Doors
  • Gravity Shelving
  • Ice Machines
  • Ice Merchandisers
  • Ice Baggers
  • Soup Cookers / Warmers
  • All of the Smallwares and Equipment you can Think of

The Benefit of Food Programs for Convenience Stores in BC

We not only supply Convenience Stores with Equipment and Supplies, we also provide profitable and exciting programs for Convenience Store’s across Metro Vancouver, the Fraser Valley and throughout BC and Alberta. These programs are a great way to increase your profitability, while adding conveniences for your customers too.As the representatives for Chesters’ Chicken in Western Canada, we offer ready-made programs for stores that are looking to provide their customers with product that they will come back for again and again. Whether choosing the Chesters’ Chicken Program in BC, or another Fried Chicken Program tailor made for your convenience store that your customers will be drawn to – we have you covered.

Our Chesters’ Chicken Convenience Store Program Includes…

– Low cost investment
– Flexible size and store layout options
– Restaurant-in-store
– Multiple menu items

Whether you are looking for a certain piece of equipment for your convenience store in Langley or other local communities, or wish to discuss our ready-made food programs, our knowledgeable sales staff are here to help. We would be happy to provide you with the assistance you need as you pivot your business model, adding in additional profitable services to your convenience store too.

Phone (604) 324-1466 Email Sales@raimac.com


There are a few things to consider when buying a convection oven for your store or restaurant, as well as many benefits too – allowing you a quicker turnaround time for the things you quickly want to roast, bake or cook. They are a great addition to your backend kitchen, bar area, food truck or convenience store, allowing you to easily transport them as you see fit and keep up with your customer demands as well.

Convection Oven Explained

Convection ovens differ from traditional ovens in how they circulate heat, blowing hot air around your food, creating a quicker turn around time, and cooking your food items in a consistent manner at 25-30% faster cooking times. The speed factor alone is often a big selling feature for convection ovens and busy business owners.

Benefits of a Convection Oven

Everyone has their own personal ideas on what the ‘best commercial ovens’ entails for baking vs. commercial countertop convection ovens and commercial pizza ovens – but overall, a convection oven is a great choice for these reasons:

  • Consistent Cooking
  • Better Browning
  • Space Saving
  • Quicker Cooking Time

Considerations When Buying a Commercial Convection Oven

From overall size to features such as manual or digital, gas or electric – and more, there are various things to consider when buying a commercial convection oven. Even the importance of a warranty should not be overlooked, and Raimac can help walk you through the various considerations you will want to know and understand.

At Raimac we carry a variety of commercial convection ovens – some of which include:

Imperial Range Gas Convection Oven ICV-2

This Turbo-Flow offers commercial kitchens a reliable full featured convection oven that raises the industry standard, providing even cooking throughout the entire 70,000 BTU oven by recirculating hot air to maximize efficiency. It creates an air flow pattern that simultaneously heats the inner and outer oven cavity.

Alto Shaam Vector Multi-Cook Convection Ovens

Choose from either:

H Series Ovens are ideal where space is at a premium. They feature a compact footprint and ventless operation, eliminating the need for an exhaust hood.

F Series Ovens are ideal for flexible, high-volume cooking. Compatible with full-size sheet pans or hotel pans, their capacity significantly increases throughput.

By offering a wide-range of professional kitchen equipment and fast food kitchen equipment at Raimac, we are able to meet the needs of our customers efficiently and within the price-point they require.

Curious to know more about our convection oven selection? Check out our extensive list of restaurant kitchen equipment HERE, or contact us directly to have your questions answered quickly. We look forward to serving you!

Deciding on whether you should buy, rent or lease restaurant equipment can be a difficult decision to make, one which Raimac would like to help you with by educating our readers on everything from leasing restaurant equipment, to buying commercial kitchen equipment.

We give you full financing options for both our Refurbished and New Restaurant Equipment whether you choose to lease or rent our equipment.

Why Should You Consider Leasing Restaurant Equipment?

There are various reasons you may choose to lease your restaurant equipment in Vancouver, some of which may include:

  1. Initial investment and cost saving measures, keeping your opening costs lower while you build your business and establish your finances.
  2. Hassle-free repairs, allowing for replacement equipment as needed without having to hand over more money for repairs or replacements.

Restaurant Equipment Rentals: Try Before You Buy Without a Fixed Term Lease

At Raimac, we offer our rental program for any or our food store, restaurant or catering equipment, including both our new and refurbished restaurant equipment.

In addition, we enhance our rental programs with in-house service such as painting your refrigerated cases to your choosing, with any colour swatch that you provide.

Not only are you able to obtain custom commercial restaurant equipment with a low initial investment, but you are also able to try out our products before you commit to buying them.

Why Should You Consider Buying Restaurant Equipment?

Perhaps you have been researching commercial bakery equipment for lease, or are already in the midst of leasing restaurant equipment but want to make the move to purchasing it – there can definitely be advantages to that also, which include…

  1. Saving money on interest rates. Although leasing or renting restaurant equipment may have lower up-front costs, it does come with higher lease/rental interest rates.
  2. Leasing involves ongoing, indefinite costs as you will never own your equipment.
  3. Buying commercial kitchen equipment is a long-term investment that will pay off in the end.

Whether you are looking to buy commercial kitchen equipment or are seeking the option of leasing or renting restaurant equipment – Raimac would love to help and can further assist you on what you need to know before buying new or used equipment in Vancouver. We will work with you on your budgetary needs, as well as your overall ‘big picture’ desired outcome.