chester chicken phanchiser

Perfect addition to any Convenience Store, Airport or Travel Center, Supermarket 

Both Customers and Franchise Owners – Love Chester’s Chicken!

This is an internationally branded Business Opportunity.

The Non-Traditional Franchise Opportunity – Found in Outlets throughout the World.

And the Best Part! – No Royalty Fees!!

For over 60 years, customers have loved this great-tasting chicken and keep coming back for more.

Raimac has partnered with Chester’s Chicken to Grow this Brand in the Canadian Market.

Do you already have a Location, with a Customer base that would enjoy Chester’s Fried Chicken?

Store-in-Store Franchise Opportunity (Less than 600 Square Feet required):


With a simple core list of equipment – we can have you up and running in no-time. You may already even have a number of these pieces of equipment on-site already. Do you already have any of the Chesters-CoreEquipmen?

chester chicken breading and dipping sauces
Chesters Boxes Chicken Franchise

Chester’s Chicken:

High Quality, Great Tasting Products….

Our popular products satisfy today’s diverse consumer cravings and bring customers back for more!

Flexible Locations and Store Design….

Chester’s is a perfect fit for virtually any location.

– Low cost investment
– Flexible size and store layout options
– Restaurant-in-store
– Multiple menu items

Seize the Opportunity….

Wynns Boxes Chicken Program with Raimac

Raimac Industries is the exclusive service provider and dealer for Chester’s Chicken in Western Canada.

A Growing Favorite Around the Globe….

A favorite with customers for over 40 years, the Chester’s concept has expanded all across the world.

We are a “One-Stop-Shop” for all food providers and we offer a wide variety of Profit Generating Food Store Programs.

We can help you find the Right solution – and ease you into a Chicken program – so you will be set-up and running quickly.

Chester’s offers great taste, popular products, flexible locations, strong support and a proven track record. The only thing missing from Chester’s is you.

Are you an Opportunist? – The Current Opportunity (For the Limited Few):

There has been a Huge undertaking by a very large “conglomerate” who has been mandated to go “All-in” on Fried Chicken programs. This is a New offering for them for an established Customer Base. After extensive Market Research, Testing and Tweaking this program has proved to be very successful for them – so successful and profitable all stores in this chain are undertaking this program.

If you would like to see if you are in one of these targeted area locations – be sure to contact us.

Chester’s is one of the most comprehensive Franchise programs in the market today.

So Why is this an Important Fact to Know…?

Because this spells success for many Independent store owners and operators. The system has been proven in your local market – the way that only a huge “conglomerate” with deep, deep pockets will make sure they prove before making a Roll-out to all stores as they have.

So we are Rolling this Opportunity out to Selected / Targeted Markets. When a location has been filled, it has been filled. We partner with that location through our programs and support, but we do not flood the market, creating competition – our partner’s success is our success.

chester's chicken menu
chester's chicken menu
chester's chicken menu


Raimac and Chester’s take care of every detail for you, making this business opportunity one of the easiest to manage.

At the forefront of this program is consistently great-tasting chicken.

With a proprietary 40-year-old recipe that offers fresh breaded chicken, customers look for locations offering Chester’s.

Chester’s gives you the power of an international brand, with a full suite of marketing and training services developed by top experts in the Franchise Industry and backed by Raimac support.

Elements of the Chester’s Brand and Turn-key Franchise Operation include:

  • Product Taste
  • Consistency and Quality
  • Price and Value Received
  • Portion Size
  • State of the art Equipment
  • Food Safety
  • Level of Service
  • Advertising
  • Marketing
  • Signage
  • Decor
  • Uniforms
  • Packaging
  • And Much Much More!

Contact us today to learn how you can make Chester’s a key part of your business and learn how our branded chicken program opportunities different than traditional fried chicken franchises! Local:  604-324-1466 Toll Free:  1-888-477-7701 Fax: 604-327-1334 Email: