If you are looking to update your shop with refrigerated display cases we offer a very large line of refurbished display cases – which, again, we refurbish on-site, with a warranty, and can match your decor as we do all of the painting right here in our facility (we’re happy to give you a tour).

You may also be interested in taking a closer look at a bit of our Knife selection.

Here’s a Bit of a List of What we offer:

  • Biro
  • Bandsaws
  • Bandsaw Blades
  • Knives, Smallwares, Cuttlery
  • Refrigerated Service Cases
  • Merchandising Freezer and Cooler Displays
  • Sausage Stuffers
  • Silent Cutters
  • Vacuum Tumblers
  • Vacuum Sealers
biro 33
  • Meat Mixers
  • Meat Grinders
  • Meat Mixer / Grinders
  • Meat Trays
  • Racks
  • Lugs
  • Grinder knives and plates
  • Handsaws
  • Bug Netting
  • Meat Hooks
  • Cut Resistant Gloves

We Also Cater to Hobbyists:

We even cater to the Hobbyist. We are a Wholesale warehouse that also sells to the public – all are welcome to visit us at our Showroom to take a look at our stocked equipment and smallwares.

Refurbished Bandsaw

bandsaw before refurbishedrefurbished bandsaw

Looking to buy a Refurbished Bandsaw?

Our refurbished bandsaws have been completely restored to factory condition using genuine OEM parts!

Because we stand behind our work most refurbished bandsaw sold comes with a 1 year parts warranty and 30 day labour warranty.

Our workshop can customize your refurbished bandsaw to your application, including brand new paint using our full-size commercial paint booth!

Give us a call 604-324-1466 or fill the quote form request below.

    bandsaw before refurbishedafter refurbished bandsaw