Save Money with Refurbished Refrigeration Equipment in BC 

Blog | April 21, 2020

Are you looking to save money on refrigeration equipment in BC? Raimac has been offering restaurant and grocery store equipment, supplies parts and service since 1917, and are proud to provide our services locally in BC, as well as Canada-wide as needed.

Our Services and Equipment Includes:

We understand that your refrigeration needs are paramount to keeping your fast food items, grocery store essentials, and convenience store operations running as they should, keeping all your perishable food items accessible and healthy.

Understandably, saving money on operational costs is an important consideration – not only now, but throughout the year, keeping your costs low without compromising on quality equipment.

Which is why Raimac offers Refurbished Refrigeration Equipment, maintaining and producing used equipment for customers throughout BC and across Canada, which can make a big difference to your bottom dollar.

Quality Refurbished Equipment You Can Count On

Spending money on new equipment, during a time when we need to conserve as much money as possible, isn’t necessary when it comes to your refrigeration needs.

As one of the largest suppliers of equipment for grocery stores and restaurants throughout Canada, we are here to help you continue to provide essential services to your customers, providing you with total installation and complete fixture and layout services. 

We can supply all of your supermarket’s departments with reach-in glass door cases and shelving, walk-in coolers or freezers, refrigerated and non-refrigerated cases of all types, restaurant fixtures, food prep equipment, bakery cases and equipment, deli, checkout stands, compressors and more.

We distribute only the best quality refurbished equipment, and stand behind our products with a 30-Day Labour and 1 Year Parts Warranty.

If you are looking for a certain piece of equipment, feel free to contact us at 604-324-1466 or email We look forward to serving your needs!