Restaurant Equipment – Choosing Whether to Buy, Rent or Lease

Blog | July 20, 2020

Deciding on whether you should buy, rent or lease restaurant equipment can be a difficult decision to make, one which Raimac would like to help you with by educating our readers on everything from leasing restaurant equipment, to buying commercial kitchen equipment.

We give you full financing options for both our Refurbished and New Restaurant Equipment whether you choose to lease or rent our equipment.

Why Should You Consider Leasing Restaurant Equipment?

There are various reasons you may choose to lease your restaurant equipment in Vancouver, some of which may include:

  1. Initial investment and cost saving measures, keeping your opening costs lower while you build your business and establish your finances.
  2. Hassle-free repairs, allowing for replacement equipment as needed without having to hand over more money for repairs or replacements.

Restaurant Equipment Rentals: Try Before You Buy Without a Fixed Term Lease

At Raimac, we offer our rental program for any or our food store, restaurant or catering equipment, including both our new and refurbished restaurant equipment.

In addition, we enhance our rental programs with in-house service such as painting your refrigerated cases to your choosing, with any colour swatch that you provide.

Not only are you able to obtain custom commercial restaurant equipment with a low initial investment, but you are also able to try out our products before you commit to buying them.

Why Should You Consider Buying Restaurant Equipment?

Perhaps you have been researching commercial bakery equipment for lease, or are already in the midst of leasing restaurant equipment but want to make the move to purchasing it – there can definitely be advantages to that also, which include…

  1. Saving money on interest rates. Although leasing or renting restaurant equipment may have lower up-front costs, it does come with higher lease/rental interest rates.
  2. Leasing involves ongoing, indefinite costs as you will never own your equipment.
  3. Buying commercial kitchen equipment is a long-term investment that will pay off in the end.

Whether you are looking to buy commercial kitchen equipment or are seeking the option of leasing or renting restaurant equipment – Raimac would love to help and can further assist you on what you need to know before buying new or used equipment in Vancouver. We will work with you on your budgetary needs, as well as your overall ‘big picture’ desired outcome.