How to Create an Effective Produce Display

Grocery Store Equipment | November 9, 2021

Fresh produce products are an integral offering for any grocery store, farm market, or deli, especially for grocers that display local goods. Though it may appear to be a simple task, building an effective produce display is far more complex than it looks. The effectiveness of your display plays a direct role in sales, customer loyalty, and waste production, all of which impact your bottom line. As leading providers of grocery store equipment and supplies, the team at Raimac Industries understands the importance of aesthetically pleasing and accessible displays. That is why we have provided some information outlining how to create an effective produce display to help you increase sales and achieve your goals.

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3 Tips to Create Effective Produce Displays

To maximize appeal and sales potential for your produce products, consider the following tips:

1. Use the Right Equipment

The equipment you choose will serve as the foundation of your display, so it is important to make the right decision for your business. Be sure to choose a display that suits the size of your property, allowing for optimal visibility without impeding customers or reducing aisle space. In addition to the display(s), it is worth investing in high-quality display signage, baskets, and other elements to maximize visual appeal. Natural materials such as wood tend to offer a great balance of practicality and aesthetic appeal, though any material can work if it is properly arranged.

2. Maintain Freshness

Heavily bruised apples, soggy pears, and limp lettuce are just a few examples of products that will instantly make customers want to shop elsewhere for their produce. While it is never a good feeling to discard unsold products, it is worth it for maintaining a fresh display. This fresh display inspires confidence in your customers that your produce is of high quality and that you are committed to offering the best products. Fresh produce is also more vibrant, increasing the aesthetic appeal of your display. It should be noted that produce can be easily damaged by customers during peak hours. Be sure to have an employee monitoring these displays during these hours to remove damaged products before they become a noticeable element.

3. Make it Easy to Shop

Beautiful produce displays unfortunately do not mean much if the products are not easy to reach or retrieve. That is why it is important to aim for a balance of appeal and practicality whenever possible. Offer easily accessible shopping carts/baskets near the display, use the correct signage, and keep the display well-stocked to ensure an easy shopping experience for customers without sacrificing appeal.

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