Food Equipment for Bakeries

Bakery Equipment | June 10, 2021

When it comes to bakeries, there are many pieces of equipment required to produce consistently high-quality products. Whether you are producing bread, highly decorated cakes, or fruit-filled pastries, having the right equipment can make all the difference. As leading providers of bakery equipment and supplies, Raimac Industries understands the importance of having equipment you can rely on. That is why our experts have compiled a list of required food equipment for bakeries and why they are important for continued success.

What Types of Equipment are used in Bakeries?

Though the exact equipment will vary for every bakery, the following types of equipment are commonly used regardless of the goods produced:


As providers of baked goods, every bakery will utilize one or multiple types of ovens. When speaking of ovens for bakeries, they can be classified as deck ovens, rack ovens, conveyor ovens, convection ovens, and standard ovens. Each type of oven is designed to produce a different type of baked product. For example, deck ovens are best for artisan breads while rack ovens are great for bagels and pastries.

Refrigerators & Freezers

Bakeries utilize a variety of refrigerators, freezers, and blast chillers to store ingredients and prepare certain products. Refrigerators for bakeries are available in a variety of sizes and configurations ranging from tall reach-in units to smaller worktop models. Whether you are storing eggs, fruit, milk, butter, or other ingredients, it is important to ensure that the unit chosen has enough room and allows for easy access to all contents.


Mixers are a vital tool for any bakery. In addition to mixing dough for cookies and bread, mixers are ideal for creating icing and frosting for other baked goods. Commercial mixers are an ideal choice for most bakeries as they can be equipped with whisks, beaters, or dough hooks based on the goods being produced.

Food Preparation Equipment

Manual dough rolling is an exhaustive and time-consuming process that does not match the pace of most successful bakeries. The use of quality food preparation equipment—like dough sheeters, dividers, rounders, slicers, and food processors—can optimize efficiency without sacrificing quality.

Tables, Racks, and Display Cases

Tables and oven racks are pieces of bakery equipment that are commonly overlooked. Bakers need a space to prepare dough and other ingredients, so a high-quality table with ample space is a must. Oven racks are a great option for busy bakeries as they allow for proofing and refrigeration of multiple sheet pans at once. Finally, every bakery needs a quality display case to show off their decadent creations. These cases make it easy for customers to choose a product and, in most cases, encourages the sale of additional items.

To learn more about the required equipment for bakeries or for assistance choosing the right equipment, reach out to Raimac Industries. Our team can be reached through our online contact form and will be happy to assist you.