Equipment Every Grocery Store Needs

Grocery Store Equipment | September 30, 2021

In addition to food products, grocery stores require an extensive list of equipment to ensure smooth operating procedures and a positive shopping experience for customers. From shelving and reach-in freezers to stock trucks and shopping carts, every piece of equipment plays an important role. As leading providers of grocery store equipment and supplies, the team at Raimac Industries understands the importance of having the right equipment for the job. That is why our team has compiled a list of crucial equipment every grocery store needs to help you make an informed purchasing decision.

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4 Types of Crucial Grocery Store Equipment

The following types of equipment are crucial for any grocery store regardless of its size or location:

1. Shelving

From bread and snacks to canned goods and boxed products, many items can be placed on a shelf in a grocery store. It is important to choose a shelving system that offers enough room for products without taking up too much aisle space. These systems should also include enough space for price tags and other signage without impeding products.

2. Walk-In Freezers and Refrigerators

In addition to products that can be stored at room temperature, most grocery stores will offer products that must be refrigerated or frozen. These products are best stored in walk-in freezers or reach-in refrigerators with clear doors. These systems allow customers to clearly see the contents of each freezer or refrigerator without needing to hold the door open and increase the temperature. By utilizing walk-in freezers and reach-in refrigerators, grocery stores can create a dedicated “cold” section on one side of the store or have it spread around the edge of the building.

3. Open-Air Displays and Coolers

While reach-in refrigerators are great for smaller products that can be easily organized, they are not ideal for larger frozen products or fresh meat. For grocery stores that offer these products, an open-air display or cooler is the perfect solution. These units are typically placed against the walls of a grocery store and can keep many products cool, minimizing potential food spoilage and waste.

4. Stock Trucks and Shopping Carts

Stock trucks are extremely useful for grocery store employees as they can be used to unload trucks, stock shelves, and remove expired/spoiled products. These units allow employees to safely handle many products at the same time, optimizing efficiency while maintaining a high level of safety. While stock trucks are invaluable for employees, shopping carts are crucial for enhancing the shopping experience and safety of customers. These units should be easily accessible and located near the entrance of the store to ensure that customers can find them.

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