Equipment Every Butcher Needs

Butcher Equipment | June 24, 2021

When it comes to butchers and delis, many pieces of equipment are used in daily operations. From grinders and cutters to scales and refrigerators, every piece of equipment plays a vital role. To ensure optimal efficiency, accuracy, and safety, it is crucial that none of this equipment is overlooked. As leading providers of quality butcher equipment and supplies, Raimac Industries understands the importance of having the right tools for the job. That is why our team has compiled a list of equipment every butcher needs to run a successful shop or deli.

What Types of Equipment does a Butcher Need?

Most butcher shops and delis, regardless of size, utilize the following types of equipment:

Band Saws

Cutting meat is not an easy job, but a lot of people benefit from it. When butchering an animal, it can be exceptionally difficult to cut through bone, taking up valuable time that could be spent elsewhere. Band saws allow for fast and safe cuts, ensuring optimal accuracy while saving time. Raimac Industries also offers a wide selection of quality refurbished band saws, allowing you to cut down on costs without cutting down on quality.

Refrigeration Equipment

When selling meat or ready-made products like sandwiches, it is important to keep the products fresh. That is why every butcher needs a variety of refrigerators to keep their products from spoiling. Refrigerators for butchers range from food prep units and sandwich coolers to mega top coolers and walk-in units.

Knives and Kitchen Supplies

Knives and kitchen supplies (whisks, spatulas, tongs, etc.) are small yet vital pieces of equipment for every butcher. For example, a sharp knife can be the main difference between a high-quality steak and one of mediocre quality.

Meat Grinders

Commercial meat grinders allow butchers to produce many pounds of ground meat in a short amount of time. Beef, chicken, turkey, pork, and more can be quickly ground, weighed, and packaged for sale. This allows you to spend time on other areas of your operation, optimizing efficiency without cutting down on quality.

Meat Slicers

For delis and sandwich shops, it is worth investing in a high-quality meat slicer. These units can quickly and accurately slice meat, cheese, and vegetables to a precise level of thickness. This makes it easy to supply ingredients for sandwiches or efficiently prepare a customer’s order.

Refrigerated Deli Cases

Your hard work should be on display for everyone to see. By investing in a refrigerated deli case, your meats, cheeses, and other items are neatly displayed for customers. In addition to allowing customers to see what you have, a well-organized case often encourages additional sales.


For butchers and meat shops, accuracy is crucial. A quality scale will ensure that customers are getting exactly what they order while also ensuring accurate inventory tracking and pricing.

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