Cooking Equipment Every Commercial Kitchen Needs

Uncategorized | June 17, 2020

commercial kitchen equipmentIs your restaurant re-emerging from Covid-19 with new measures in place and restaurant equipment needed to facilitate those measures? If you are seeking commercial kitchen equipment in BC, whether you’re a fast food restaurant or quick service restaurant that requires energy efficiency equipment that produces high quality foods in the shortest amount of time – Raimac can help.

We understand that restaurant kitchen equipment that is efficient and cost-effective ranks high for every restaurant owner, with the biggest emphasis being on cost when it comes to which equipment to buy, and we want to help narrow down what equipment is best suited for your needs and budget.

Commercial Kitchen Equipment Vancouver

Re-opening your restaurant in unprecedented times can be confusing and stressful. With so many changing health mandates to keep track of, as well as staff and customers to keep healthy, it can be easy to lose track of the basics while dealing with things far greater than that. So we’re here to assist you, with a friendly reminder on “what not to forget” within your commercial kitchen equipment needs!

Refrigeration Equipment – critical for safe and healthy food service

Commercial Grill – from burgers to pancakes, a reliable commercial grill is another essential

Ice Machine – a crucial piece of equipment for beverage services within every restaurant

Fryers – for all your deliciously deep-fried goods

Grease Traps – to help you with sediment separated within your plumbing, which will catch any grease or food particles, preventing these things from draining into your pipes and wreaking havoc

Commercial Shelving – for easy access to goods, as well as organization to minimize chaos in an already bustling kitchen

Hand Sanitizer Dispensers – an all-important equipment need to have on-hand right now

The list of commercial kitchen equipment can be vast, but Raimac is here to help you ensure it is affordable, offering used kitchen equipment to address your needs without foregoing quality.

We provide restaurant owners with every piece of commercial kitchen equipment that they may need including…

  • commercial kitchen dishwasher
  • commercial kitchen refrigerator
  • commercial kitchen oven
  • …and other such kitchen machinery

Looking for all-in-one commercial kitchen equipment? Our Alto Shaam Combitherm commercial kitchen oven is one of our best-selling ovens, and the best fit for any fast food restaurant. It will do the work of a convection oven, kettle, steamerfryer, smoker, Non-Contact Thermometers and more.

Have further questions as to our professional kitchen equipment or fast food kitchen equipment? Check out our extensive list of restaurant kitchen equipment HERE, or contact us directly to have your questions answered quickly. We look forward to serving you!