Benefits of Renting Restaurant Equipment

Restaurant Equipment | October 19, 2021

If you are planning on opening a restaurant, one key decision you will need to make is whether you will purchase or rent your equipment. While most individuals would not...

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Equipment Every Grocery Store Needs

Grocery Store Equipment | September 30, 2021

In addition to food products, grocery stores require an extensive list of equipment to ensure smooth operating procedures and a positive shopping experience for customers. From shelving and reach-in freezers...

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Restaurant Equipment that is Often Overlooked

Restaurant Equipment | September 21, 2021

Restaurants require an extensive list of equipment to ensure smooth operation and the production of quality products. Though many owners will think of prominent kitchen equipment and supplies like ovens,...

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Should I Rent or Buy Restaurant Equipment?

Restaurant Equipment | August 26, 2021

If you are considering opening a restaurant or renovating your existing space, you are going to need to make several important decisions. One of the largest decisions you will make...

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Equipment Every Deli Needs

Deli Equipment | August 12, 2021

From meat slicers to fryers, there are many types of equipment used in a conventional deli. The right equipment makes a world of difference in terms of quality, efficiency, and...

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Benefits of Refurbished Food Equipment

Whether you own a restaurant, bakery, or deli, the equipment you use is vital for ensuring quality and efficiency. While quality equipment is typically available at a premium cost, it...

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Why to Choose an OilChef for Your Restaurant

Restaurant Equipment | July 13, 2021

If your restaurant specializes in or offers a selection of deep-fried foods, you likely know how expensive cooking oil can be. Most restaurants utilize conventional frying methods and equipment, resulting...

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Equipment Every Butcher Needs

Butcher Equipment | June 24, 2021

When it comes to butchers and delis, many pieces of equipment are used in daily operations. From grinders and cutters to scales and refrigerators, every piece of equipment plays a...

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Food Equipment for Bakeries

Bakery Equipment | June 10, 2021

When it comes to bakeries, there are many pieces of equipment required to produce consistently high-quality products. Whether you are producing bread, highly decorated cakes, or fruit-filled pastries, having the...

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Pre-Summer Ice Cream, Slush and Frozen Cocktail Equipment Service & Sales

Blog, Uncategorized | February 25, 2021

Whether you currently have, or are seeking Ice Cream, Slush and Frozen Cocktail Equipment across BC, Raimac offers both new and refurbished convenience store equipment to serve our community including...

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