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Wheeled Hand Basket


wheeled-basket– The Wheeled Basket has been designed to give shoppers maximum convenience.
No more sore shoulders or full hands – the wheeled basket allows your customers to shop with ease and comfort.

Smooth Rolling Wheels
The four wheels on the basket are designed for maximum roll, and prohibit friction. The front two wheels pivot, and the rear wheels are fixed, to provide more stable movement.

Comfort Grip Handles
The 28″ handle is designed to prevent bending or stooping. it’s wide, rounded handles create a comfortable grip the evenly distributes weight. The unique shape of the handle allows shoppers to pull their baskets from the side, or behind them.

Reinforce Your Brand
Increase your brand’s impact and visibility with a large hot stamped logo area. The large imprint area allows you to make these baskets your own. The Wheeled Basket has a logo area of 3″x7″.

Wheeled baskets can be nested with our Jumbo baskets, and can also be purchased in our Nextlife version.

Dimensions: 20.5″L x 13.75″W x 10″H
Material: 100% high impact polypropylene
Weight: 3 lbs. Each
Nesting Distance: 1 3/4″ per basket
Load Capacity 150 lbs. carried / 50 lbs. rolling
Hot Stamping 3″ x 7″ logo area available