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Jaccard MMT-48 Handheld Tenderizer

FEATURES – Razor sharp SS knives (3 rows of 16) cut the connective tissues that make meat tough. – Faster penetration of marinades – Even cooking throughout the meat – Significantly reduced cooking times – up to 40% – Meat will be consistently tender and retain more of its natural juices. – Dishwasher safe  

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Biro Pro 9 Tenderizer

FEATURES – Nothing surpasses the Pro-9 Series Tenderizers for versatility. – Use to tenderize or knit meat, score, star punch, cut strips or stew meat and poultry. – You can merchandise less expensive, less tender meat cuts to create value added products. – Standard duty (1/2HP) and heavy duty (1/2HP or 3/4HP) series available   […]

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