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Thunderbird ARM-60 Mixer – 60 Quarts

Thunderbird ARM-60 Mixer PostFEATURES

• 24qt unit includes S/S safety guard, S/S bowl, dough hook, whip and beater attachments

• 3/4 h.p. grease packed ball bearing, air-cooled motor

• Start and emergency stop controls

• 15 minute timer which shuts down mixer when time is elapsed

• Easy access front controls

• Thermal overload protection

• Unit uses a gear/belt hybrid transmission. A toothed drive belt links the motor drive shaft and the main drive shaft of the planetary transmission. The rest of the enclosed planetary transmission uses steel gears and shafts. This design yields high-torque mixing power

• Heat-treated hardened alloy gears are precision milled 25% thicker than others for increased durability and strength

• Sturdy hand crank raises and lowers the bowl as well as locking in place at any position

• Unit is equipped with #12 Power Hub for powering a standard size vegetable slicer/cheese grate or meat grinder attachment

• 3 speeds. Agitator rpm: 99, 176, 320 Hub rpm: 69, 123, 224

• Heavy duty cast construction with stable base and rubber foot protectors

• Hand-made S/S guard slides out of the way and is easy to clean.

• Built-in ingredient chute for easy adding of ingredients during operation

• Rear guard portion is fixed, removable and acts as a splash guard

• Microswitch automatically shuts the mixer down when the guard is slid open or the bowl is lowered

• 115V, 16 Amp or 220V 6 Amp. Please specify when ordering.